The Flavors Of China Gather In The City

Starting from Oct. 17th, citizens in Shanghai will have the opportunity to taste thousands of kinds of unique foods from seven western provinces.


Shanghai Yuanshen Gymnasium in Pudong District and three other pavilions in Changning, Minhang and Jiading districts will display the featured products. Take a quick look at what they have!


Yunnan exhibition area


You can find local chicken from Shangri-La, salted meat and ham from Nuodeng village, black garlic, red rice, flower heart tomato and baby corn. They are all organic. Some of them are recommended by a hugely popular TV documentary series ‘A Bite of China’.



Kashgar exhibition area


Kashgar is in the southwest part of Xinjiang Uygur Atuonomous Region. It’s a well-known tourist city.


In this trade show, Kashagar brings their local special products like almonds, red dates, candy apples and dried mushrooms here. Besides you can enjoy walnuts, mutton and melons.



Here are some other products which will be displayed at this trade fair.


Mutton with bean noodles

It’s one of Chinese top snacks, popular in Guizhou Province.


Goods with Tibetan characteristics


Tibetan incense



Highland barley powder



Matsutake yak beef



Products from Qinghai Province

Ophiocordyceps sinensis



Qinghai yak



Products from Wanzhou

Wanzhou black tea



Eureka Lemon



Wanzhou grilled fish sauce



Products from Yiling of Hubei Province

Yiling citrus






This trade fair also helps the economies of these rural regions, so if you are free that day, get some delicious food and show your support!


Time and place

The main pavilion
Shanghai Yuanshen Gymnasium

Add: No. 388 Taolin Road, Pudong district
Open time:
Oct, 17 12pm-5pm
Oct, 18-19 9am-5pm
Oct, 20 9am-8pm
Oct, 21 9am-12pm

Shanghai Agricultural Exhibition Hall

Add: No, 2268 Hongqiao Road, Changning district

Open time:
Oct, 19-21 9am-4:30pm
Oct, 22 9am-2pm


Minhang Stadium

Add: No. 288 Xinzhen Road, Minhang district
Open time:
Oct, 17-19 9am-5pm
Oct, 20 9am-8pm
Oct, 21 9am-5pm


Jiading Stadium
Add: No. 118 Xincheng Road, Jiading district
Open time:
Oct, 17-19 9am-5pm
Oct, 20 9am-8pm
Oct, 21 9am-5pm

Editor: Zoey

Source: 上海发布