The Little Wig Shop With A Big Heart

Inconspicuously placed outside the front entrance of the Shanghai Fudan Affiliated Tumor Hospital, there is an unassuming shop front that you’d never notice, unless you’re in need of their specific service. If you do, your ordeal is made a bit easier knowing you’re in caring hands at this wig shop with a big heart.


Frequented mainly by a clientele of cancer patients, the Pin Qin Wig Store is a barbershop and hairpiece retailer. Customers go there to have their heads shaved in preparation of chemotherapy treatments and to select a wig. For customers, it’s a place where they see a stark transformation in themselves; knowing the weight of their circumstances, Lao Qin, the shop’s owner, takes extra care.


Photo by Jie Fang Daily


Sickness is scary, and while Lao Qin knows that he and his business can only do so much, he serves his customers as best he can, with dignity and humanity.


Director: Bonnie Lu

Cameraman: Kong Quan