The Metro Turns 26, And How It Has Grown!

The trial run of the Jinjiang Park Station to Xujiahui Station section of the Shanghai Metro’s Line 1 began on May 28, 1993, marking the beginning of the Shanghai Metro. Do you still remember what were you doing that year?


Today is the 26th birthday of  the Shanghai Metro! The Shanghai Metro has witnessed the changes of this magical city, from Line 1 to all the way to Line 17, from 0 to 705 kilometers.



Do you remember the first subway station that you visited? Do you remember the first line that you took? Come and join us on a journey through the history of the Shanghai metro.


Old subway tickets


The 1st trial base for the Shanghai Metro


The original subway system draft


The first subway train arrived in Shanghai in 1992


 Line 1 opened for operation



Happy Birthday, Shanghai Metro.


Source: Shanghai Fa Bu

Editor: Bonnie Lu, Dong Yihua