The Most Beautiful Season

Shanghai has gradually entered the most colorful season of the year, autumn. It is the hue of a deep blush.



For instance, Century Park has planted a number of red landscape plants this year, attracting thousands upon thousands to come inside.



Why is the city so beautiful in this season? Because the CIIE is just around the corner! Here are the latest photos from the National Convention and Exhibition Center.



Moreover, to welcome all the guests from all over the word, the lighting of the whole city is now better than ever. Check it out!



The Bund’s night view is getting more brilliant with the application of extra lighting, a variety of colors and advanced technologies.



In the Yangpu riverfront area, multi-colored lighting effects liven up the architecture and the environment. The Lupu Bridge has been given a rainbow effect with the use of new materials and techniques, and lighting has been added to the bottom of the Yangpu, Nanpu, Xupu and Lupu bridges for people who jog or take a stroll at night.



Last but not least, check out Hongqiao business district. A 504-meter long corridor connecting directly to the National Convention and Exhibition Center has 55,000 LED lights illuminating the whole area with a brilliant design.



Shanghai has never been so pretty!



Source: Eastday

Editor: Zhu Yan