The New Face Of Garbage Collection

Ju Fen, a 26-year-old girl who quit her job in a five-star hotel and then joined a sanitation service company two years ago was named “the most beautiful post-90s sanitation worker” in Huangpu District.


She looks a bit different from what people think of sanitation workers. She wears light make-up in her dark blue sanitation uniform and more importantly, she always brings her laptop with her.




“I am doing a PowerPoint presentation for garbage classification and it’s the fifth edition”, Ju Fen said. Her company has her give talks on garbage classification to students, office workers and community residents.




The sanitation group that this young girl works in is responsible for the sanitation service of a 6.3-kilometer part of Binjiang in Huangpu District. Communicating with visitors and teaching them how to classify garbage are the new tasks for this group.


“Some food package are mistakenly thrown into recycling bins but those polluted packages are of no value to recycle so they should be classified as dry garbage,” Ju Fen said by doing this, she also improves as a professional.




She is a shining example of the 50,000 sanitation workers in city doing their best to beautify this city.


Editor: Yolanda