The Parks Driving The City’s Culture Forward

Cultural and creative industry parks have become a new way for Shanghai to promote its cultural brand. According to authorities, there are 137 cultural and creative industry parks in Shanghai, covering 15 districts and seven million square meters in total. Besides the famous M50 and Tian Zi Fang, there are other special cultural and creative industry parks that are worth exploring.


Columbia Circle


Columbia Circle in the western downtown area is one of few local sites that has both exquisite historical structures and remnants of earlier scientific research. The compound, tucked away on the site of a former biological institute, has kept a low profile for decades. Even many locals aren’t aware of it, but that’s about to change. Columbia Circle is being renovated as a hub for fashion and leisure.



1876 Lao Zhan


Located in Hongkou District, the site used to be Jiang Wang Station on the Songhu Line, the first Chinese train line. After renovation, it is now a new cultural and creative park. The park has kept the old trains, reminding visitors of the history of the place.


Wisdom Bay


Located in Baoshan District, Wisdom Bay used to be a warehouse for a textile factory. The colorful containers decorating the park have become an internet sensation for taking photos. The world’s largest 3D-printed concrete bridge is also located in the park.



These are just a few of the amazing options to choose from. Get out there and explore!


Editor: Bonnie Lu

Source: Eastday