The Refined Beauty Of Porcelain, Bringing Cultures Together

“White Gold﹒East and West Porcelain Capital: From Jingdezhen to Meisson Porcelain Exhibition” and the “Ming and Qing Dehua Porcelain Exhibition” opened at Shanghai History Museum. More than 100 pieces of refined porcelain products stood as witnesses of the cultural and economic exchanges between East and West.


Daniela Antonin, director of the German Ceramics Museum, brought 54 exquisite porcelain exhibits, not only of Meisson ‘s porcelain but also Chinese porcelain. She hopes that through the porcelain exhibition, both Jingdezhen and Meisson, the two capitals of porcelain, will have a dialogue across time and space to deepen the Eastern and Western cultures.


Ming and Qing Dehua Porcelain Exhibition


Co-sponsored by Shanghai History Museum and Fujian Museum, this exhibition features 41 precious cultural items that show the unique charm of Dehua porcelain, pass on the ancient art, and promote Chinese culture.


The two porcelain exhibitions reflect the influence of China on world culture and embody the cultural exchanges between the East and the West under the “The Belt and Road” and the importance of the spirit of the Silk Road.


Exhibition date: July 26, 2019 to November 3, 2019


Exhibition location: Shanghai History Museum


Editor: Yihao Yan (Intern)