The Root Of Chinese Cartoons

” I am particularly interested in literature. Hence, my illustrations are affected by literature. I don’t like to and I don’t do landscape paintings nor floral paintings, I hope to embrace significance, be it real-life feelings or social issues, in my paintings. To me, an illustration is a work that you can see and think.” — Feng Zikai (1898 – 1975)



Feng Zikai is a renowned Chinese literati best-known for his modern Chinese paintings, essays, music, cartoons and translations. His cartoons are considered pioneering in the field for China. They are simple in figure and style, with a childlike innocence standing out from other artists.


His works are mostly inspired from his youth, and pen in hand, he preserved that peaceful life and beautiful scenery on paper, bringing warmth to everyone.



Feng Zikai not only had a talent for art, but also possessed many good qualities. He was a charitable person and created a series of books called Hu Sheng Hua Ji (《护生画集》), in memory of his teacher Master Hong Yi (Li Shutong).


They both had sympathy for all the living things and tried to promote the idea of protecting wildlife.



On this day in 1989, Feng Zikai was born in Tongxiang, China’s Zhejiang Province. Let’s not forget this literary giant and keep his ideals alive!



Editor: Season Yao