The Sweet Flavors Of Summer

Tired of your busy urban life? Why not have an outing to the suburbs of Shanghai this weekend, seeking for some relaxation and tranquility? These exciting activities feature tempting delicacies, so come and join us!


In summer, mutton serves as a traditional cuisine that has been popular for hundreds of years in Shanghai. From July to August, tourists from Shanghai and adjacent areas will come to enjoy mutton feasts. In Zhuanghang (Fengxian District) and Zhangze (Songjiang District) there will be grand mutton festivals. You can enjoy various mutton cuisines like mutton soup, stewed mutton, and roast mutton. These freshly cooked delicacies will keep your mouth watering!



Zhuanghang Mutton Festival
Address: 4399 Nanzhuang Road, Zhuanghang Town, Fengxian District
Date: Till August 18th


Beer festival season begins soon! Nearly 100 kinds of beer from all over the world will be introduced. You can enjoy whatever flavor you prefer: refreshing draft beer, smooth craft beer, fruity white beer, or bitter-sweet dark beers. There are also a variety of snacks and creative marketplaces, as well as exciting music parties, where you can enjoy yourself around the clock!


2019 Shanghai Jinshan City Beach International Beer Festival
Address: 7555 Huhang Road, Jinshan District
Date: July 19th to July 22nd
Time: 10:30am to 8pm
Ticket: 50 yuan for the beach, 388 yuan for the show
Telephone: 18017755881



Summer is also a good time for tasting pears and grapes. At Cangqiao, the Crystal Pear Festival is in full swing. You can also experience the joy of picking pears by yourself. In Chongming, you can also enjoy similar pear festivals.



Grapes are also popular fruits in summer. In Malu and Shiquan, grape festivals attract many tourists. During the grape festivals, various kinds of grapes will abound across nearly a thousand acres of contiguous grape parks, where a great harvest can be expected.



It is also the best time for tasting peaches! In Fengxian, famous yellow peaches are ripening, and the fragrance of the fruit pervades the place. Not only can you taste delicious, juicy yellow peaches, but a variety of colorful events will be held, including traditional culture activities, creative markets, music performances and open-air movies. So come and enjoy yourselves!



The 19th Malu Grape Festival
Address: No.29 Dazhi Road, Malu Town, Jiading District
Date: till October 8th
Ticket: 30 yuan


Get out there and enjoy the sweet flavors of summer!


Editor: Zoey