The Tokyo Trials Ep1: The Battle For The Truth

November 12th marks the 69th anniversary of the closing of the Tokyo Trials, where the Allied Forces tried Japanese war criminals at the International Military Tribunal for the Far East in Tokyo. 


Shanghai Media Group’s documentary, The Tokyo Trials, recently won China’s highest honor for journalism (中国新闻奖一等奖). It is a resounding acknowledgment of the work that went into this landmark piece, and the importance of remembering the events within.


The first episode reveals the process of the allied countries forming the International Military Tribunal for the Far East after the end of WWII, going into detail on the formation of International Prosecution Section, the confirmation of the list of Class A war criminals, the whole process of the trials and the pronouncement of the verdict.




It also includes three key cases before the court: The Nanjing Massacre, the Attack on Pearl Harbor and Bataan Death March.