The Wonders Of Hongkou

Walking north to where the Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek converge, you will arrive in Hongkou District. It’s a peaceful place in the northeast of Shanghai with a lot to offer: historic sites, beautiful parks, and a dynamic life.



Check out this video to see what Hongkou District has!



Shanghai-style Hongkou


The Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum gives you an insightful look into the decades during which the neighborhood was home to Jewish refugees during World War 2, via original artifacts, historical photos and personal recollections.














Happy Hongkou

Lu Xun Park is one of the city’s oldest public gardens. It shows Chinese park life at its finest, shaded by tree cover and full of all kinds of lazy afternoon activities.

Dynamic Hongkou






Hongkou Stadium is home to Shenhua Football Club. They have been heroes to the city for decades now.













Hongkou District offers a new world of excitement and exploration. All you have to do is take one step outside your comfort zone and experience all of the wonder that Shanghai has to offer.


Editor: Zoey

Source: 上海发布