Topography Architecture: A Livable Mountain In Shanghai

A wholly unique addition to Shanghai’s skyline is finally out from under wraps, as Heatherwick Studio’s latest site is now visible ahead of its planned 2018 completion.


Main design features include a number of pillars, not as support for the structure but holding aloft trees and greenery that will accentuate the ‘mountain range’ design.


Overtop of the drone footage here, lead architect Thomas Heatherwick talks about his aims for the new development, which is situated beside the M50 Art Space on Moganshan Road beside Suzhou Creek.


Acclaimed architect Thomas Heatherwick is perhaps best known in China as being the designer of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo’s UK Pavilion, which caught the eyes and imaginations of visitors and dubbed the ‘Seed Cathedral’.


Director: Gu Jia
Camera: Shen Jiajun