Touring In Spring For Gorgeous Gardens

Classical Chinese gardens are acclaimed around the world for their profoundly artistic craftsmanship, which masterfully combines architecture, landscape, flowers and trees with poetic flair. For those who love a stroll through greenery, there’s great news: a new Wisteria Culture is currently in the making, 7000㎡ larger than the current one here in Shanghai.


Now that spring is nearly here, join us on a garden tour!



Wisteria Garden


The Wisteria Garden located on the bank of the Bole Road was established to honor the 10th anniversary of friendly diplomatic relations between Jiading and Kagoshima, Okayama Prefecture, Japan.



Pantuozi Park


The reconstructed Pantuozi Park, located on the east side of Cangqiao and north of Huancheng Road, looks like two small islands. Pantuozi Park is divided into two parts: the South island where visitors will find a landscape park to explore and North Island where there are ecological wonder to enjoy.





Additionally, in Jiading you will find a reconstructed Tanyuan, the private garden of famous Ming Dynasty writer Li Liufang.



Huilongtan Park


Huilongtan Park is located in the center of Jiading Town and covers an area of 46,600 square meters, divided into two parts.



Huangjia Garden


The Jiading Huangjia Garden was built in the 1920s. Rare trees are planted here, and the species are mostly introduced from abroad. Because of its unique style, some universities use Huangjia Garden as a specific place for garden teaching materials.



Source: Eastday

Editor: Chen Shuang (Intern)