Traditional Chinese Cough Syrup Reimagined As Herbal-flavored Bubble Tea In U.S.

A bubble tea shop in California is serving up a refreshing take on a traditional Chinese cough syrup, by infusing a holiday drink with the herbal flavor of the over-the-counter medicine.


Cough Syrup Green Tea is the newest addition to the beverage menu of the San Gabriel-based shop, which includes a healthy dose of Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, a natural remedy used to treat sore throats and cough.


Reactions online were split between those who were happy with the extra ammo to fight the flu season and those whose stomachs could not digest the idea.


Many, however, were quick to point out that the Californian tea shop is not the first to mix the syrup with beverages.



Earlier this year, a bubble tea shop in Singapore introduced its Herbal Mint Milk Tea, with a dollop of the syrup.



Last winter, the Chinese supplement built up a solid following in New York amid a flu outbreak as many discovered the effects of this secret remedy.



The herbal supplement, reportedly dating back to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), has also been incorporated into cocktail recipes.



The medicine, whose name translates to “loquat syrup,” is made of herbal ingredients including fritillary bulbs, loquat leaves, ginger, licorice roots, and honey among others.


However, taking herbal supplements is not without risk, including when they are mixed with other medicines, consumed in excess or taken instead of prescription medication, according to Dr. Keith Brenner, specialist in pulmonary medicine at Columbia University Medical Center at the New York Presbyterian Hospital.


Source: CGTN