Treat Yourself To A Science Carnival During The Holiday

The National Holiday is approaching and it’s time to prepare for a high-tech experience!


The 2018 Shanghai Science Carnival is going to be held in the Expo Park during the coming National Day from October 1st to the 7th. From VR roller coasters to multimedia children’s drama, you can experience all kinds of interesting activities there.



Themed “City of Tomorrow”, Shanghai Science Carnival utilizes sci-fi landscapes of the future to build a platform for citizens to learn more about tech.


The carnival consists of two innovative trend centers, five intelligent plates, ten intelligent scenes of life, over fifty popular food markets and five theme nights, aiming to give every visitor an impression of advanced intelligent life.




Surreal Highway:

A place for visitors to experience unmanned vehicles.



Klein Art Coast:

As a tribute to the French artist Yves Klein, the carnival invites artists to create freely in the Klein Art Coast. Children may also interact with the artists in the “Village of Scrawl”.



Unrestrained Theatre:

A performance of the Chinese version of the children’s drama “À la Luna” directed by Spanish director Cynthia Miranda.


Traversing the Wind Tunnel:

The challengers can experience flight.



Five Theme Nights:

During the National Holiday, the carnival will hold five theme nights: sports, football, esports, ACGN and NetEase’s cloud music.



Time: Oct.1st-Oct.7th, 10:00-20:30

Location: Shanghai Expo Park

Ticket Price: RMB 80


Editor: Lily