Tropical Storm To Rain On Shanghai

The periphery of the 13th severe tropical storm Lingling is likely to affect Shanghai on Thursday and Friday with heavy to torrential rain in city’s eastern areas, forecasters said.


At 6pm on Tuesday, Lingling was about 330 kilometers east of Taiwan, according to the National Meteorological Center. It was moving northeast at 14 kilometers per hour and packing maximum winds of 108 kph.


The Shanghai Meteorological Bureau expects Lingling to pass areas at the same latitude as Shanghai on Friday with its influence on the city lasting from Thursday night to Friday.


Meanwhile, a tropical depression in the Gulf of Tonkin has developed into tropical storm Kajiki, the 14th tropical storm of the year.


Kajiki is forecast to make landfall on China’s southern coastal areas at the weekend and could bring rain and wind to eastern regions.


Besides Lingling and Kajiki, there are several tropical systems at sea.


On Wednesday and Thursday, rainfall is expected in parts of the city under the influence of an onshore southeasterly air flow.


Temperatures will range from 23 to 29 degrees Celsius over the rest of this week.


Source: SHINE