Shanghai Marvels: Chinese Solution To Tunnel Building

The Yangtze River Tunnel connecting downtown Shanghai to Chongming Island may not seem like an engineering marvel like the metro on the face of it, but when you consider the challenges this project faced, it is well worth the name!


The soft soil and great distance of the tunnel had many experts questioning the project. In the end, the two largest tunnel boring machines, both 15.43 meters in diameter, ran nonstop for 24 hours to cross the river!



This massive system not only provided a shortcut connecting downtown Shanghai, the city’s Chongming Island and north Jiangsu Province, but helped contribute to the worldwide knowledge base, as well. The Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel project has produced seven national utility model patents and 21 invention patents in solving the key technical problems. It’s just one of the ways it is a Shanghai marvel.




The 70th anniversary of Shanghai’s liberation gives us a chance to look back on the incredible journey that has taken this city to where it is now, one of greatest metropolises in the world. These achievements did not come easily. They have relied on the ingenuity, determination, dedication and sheer hard work of doctors, engineers and scientists. This video and the other four in the series tell the stories of the incredible unsung heroes who have transformed this city.


Director & Editor: Kiki Yuan