Universes Of Art In The North Bund

Five egg-shaped immersive theaters called “Art Universe” will be set up in the North Bund of Hongkou in July. Audiences will have the chance to experience the latest integrated development in the fields of technology, art, music, and fashion.



This year the second Shanghai International Cultural Device Expo will also be located in the North Bund. Cultural devices are one of eight the most important areas of development for Shanghai. Last year, the first Shanghai International Cultural Device Expo was held in SNIEC for three days, and this year is shaping up to be bigger and brighter.




The North Bund possesses rich cultural resources and is full of historic stories. If the South Bund stands for the past of Shanghai and Lujiazui is the present of Shanghai, then the North Bund represents the future. In the near future, the North Bund will be built up into a technology and culture area shared by everyone.




Editor: Yolanda