Victor Hugo: Exploring A Literary Legend

For Chinese readers, Victor Hugo acts as a familiar stranger. He is a representative figure in romantic literature in the 19th century, a world-class literary master, author of many prestigious novels like Notre Dame de Paris and Les Miserables. In fact, he was also a painter, a decorative artist, a social activist, and had a particular affection for Eastern culture, especially for China.



From August 13th to December 1st, the Shanghai Pearl Art Museum will work in conjunction with the Museum of the Hugo House (Maison de Victor Hugo) in Paris, organizing the “Victor Hugo: The Heart of Genius”, showing Chinese audiences can experience the genius from a more comprehensive perspective for the first time, learning about his exploration in diverse fields such as literature, painting, and decorative arts. The audience can appreciate the vivid profile and flourishing creation hidden behind the literary giant.



The exhibition is divided into five major areas both chronologically and in accordance to the importance of works There shall be more than 200 pieces of Hugo creations and related works in the exhibition, including paintings, sculptures, photography, books, letters, manuscripts, and interior decorations, making it the most comprehensive ever Hugo exhibition in China.



A special series of “Seven Days Tour in Shanghai of Victor Hugo” activities will also be launched during the exhibition, where a number of keynote seminars will be held, inviting a number of well-known scholars and Hugo research experts both domestically and worldwide.



Source: Eastday

Editor: Zhu Yan