View 16 Sunrises And Sunsets A Day In Space

Getting bored with staying at hotels on Earth? Maybe now is the time to plan your space journey. A private US enterprise has recently revealed its plan to build the first luxury hotel in space with the opening date in 2022.


Orion Span, the US tech company, said it is going to launch the “Aurora Station” into low-Earth orbit in late 2021, and the station is expected to accommodate its first tourists in 2022.


The station is in modular design, with each measuring 13 meters in length and four meters in width. It is able to host up to six people at a time – four tourists and two crew members.


Travelers are promised to have “the only authentic astronaut experience”.


At an altitude of 200 miles (about 322 kilometers) above the Earth, they will experience a 12-day stay in zero gravity. The station will circle the Earth every 90 minutes, which means the tourists can see 16 sunrises and sunsets in every 24 hours.


Besides the spectacular views, they will also take part in space researches, enjoy Holodeck – a virtual reality experience – and have access to fast WiFi to get in touch with friends and families.


All the preparation travelers need to do before their visit is to complete a three-month mandatory training, and of course, hefty budget as the pricing starts at 9.5 million US dollars.


The company will also look into space real estate and sell “the first condominiums in space,” according to Frank Bunger, CEO and founder of Orion Span.


Four years away, the refundable reservation has already started – 80,000 US dollars per person.


Source: CGTN