Want a Different Food Market Experience? Try These!

Food markets play an important role in everyday life, but they are often seen as crowded and noisy affairs, sometimes lacking in cleanliness. We have a few recommended markets that go the extra mile to make your purchases more enjoyable.



Li’an Market
Address: No. 550, Xiuwen Road, Minhang district




Decorated in native-style wood, Li’an market opened early this month after a 6 month renovation. The previously plain market has now been upgraded into a cleaner, indoor experience. It covers an area of 15,000 square meters and is divided into five areas: fresh foods, snacks, the North-South Plaza, the “Riverway” and the “Hanging Gardens”.




Yongnian Market
Address: No. 74 Yongnian road, Huangpu district





Located downtown, the market isn’t particularly large but the brightness and tidiness will surprise you. There is even a resting area inside it. Feeling tired? Just take a seat!





Jiuhua Neighborhood Center
Address: No. 1335 Kaixuan road, Changning District (near Anshun Road)





This market is full of cheap, high-quality foods, but the main function of this center is far more than providing food. It’s also a place with day-to-day services and shops such as coffee shops, book bars, cooking classes, as well as laundry and repair stores. There are lots of activities for you to enjoy!




Meitian Market
Address: the crossing of Tianshan Road and Furongjiang Road, Changning district




Meitian is the first AI-implemented food market in Shanghai. The vegetables are all transported directly from Chongming Island every day. They also sell imported snacks and drinks. The best part of this market, however, is that it’s self-serviced, meaning you don’t have to talk to anyone to buy your foods! The prices are on a LED screen, and when you place your selected goods on a machine at check-out, it will identify them automatically and tell you how much you have to pay. Convenience is key!





Going to the food market has always been a colorful experience, and now you get to enjoy the same fun in a newer, transformed atmosphere!


Editor: Zoey