Warning Of Early Morning Fog

A yellow fog alert — the lowest of a three-tier system — was issued at 10:55pm yesterday, so it will probably be foggy this morning with visibility being cut to 500 meters in most areas of the city. Some areas may have visibility below 200 meters.


Cold air will roll into the city this week and push the mercury down to near zero by the weekend, forecasters said.


There will be two waves of chill ahead — the one today and tomorrow will be less powerful but the next one on Thursday and Friday may cut the temperature to single digits with rain.


The cold waves may bring us into winter if the average temperature remains below 10 degrees for five straight days.


Today, skies will turn dark with showers and temperatures ranging between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius.


Temperatures will fall from tomorrow until the weekend with winds picking up under overcast skies.


By Friday the rain will ease to drizzle with a high of 9 degrees and a low of 5. On Saturday the low is forecast to be close to zero.


Historically, on average, the city enters winter on December 3. Last year winter was declared on December 5.


Source: SHINE