Weather Fine For Moon Watchers

There should be a good view of the full moon during the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival with dry skies and perfect air quality, according to forecasters.


Cloudy weather may also bring a chance of seeing Cai Yun Zhui Yue, or colorful clouds chasing the moon.


However, since humidity is still rather high, people may feel stuffy with the maximum temperature between 30 and 31 degrees Celsius.


Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said the three-day holiday from Friday to Sunday will be mostly cloudy. There may be brief showers in the afternoon over the weekend in some parts of the city while northeasterly winds will help clear the air.


Temperatures over the holiday will range from 24 to 31 degrees.


The bureau said that, according to date from 2009 to 2018, the probability of rain between 2pm and 10pm on the day of Mid-Autumn Festival is just 20 percent with little cloud.


Anyone planning to travel to areas in the Yangtze River Delta region will encounter cloudy conditions with afternoon showers in a few places. But some areas will be warmer than Shanghai with highs of up to 33 degrees.


The recent hot days with highs above 30 degrees caused some city residents to think that qiulaohu, or autumn tiger, had arrived. This would refer to an Indian summer, since summer seemed to have come to an end.


But in meteorological terms, a qiulaohu will be announced when there are two or more days when temperatures are at or above 35 degrees. The city hasn’t seen an Indian summer since 2005.


Source: SHINE