Welcome Back To Sunny Skies

The new week should be blessed by sunshine and clear skies after our long, damp, gray misery, forecasters said.


Dahan, the Great Cold and last solar term of traditional Chinese lunar calendar, fell on Sunday, but temperatures are expected to steadily rise this week to a high of 12 degrees Celsius.


Today will be a mix of sun and cloud, but cold. The low will drop to 1 degree downtown while there may be some frost in suburban areas. Thin ice is possible in the outskirts. Humidity will be greatly reduced and some light smog is expected in the evening.


From tomorrow to Thursday, it will get warmer with the high increasing to 10 degrees or more under sunny skies. Friday will be cloudy with a high of 11 and a low of 5 degrees.


According to Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, it is often coldest in northern China during the previous solar term Xiaohan (Slight Cold) while southern areas usually feel coldest in Dahan.


Source: SHINE