Where To See Magnolias Bloom In City

As the weather warms up, the new spring season is bringing fresh magnolia blossoms to Shanghai for people to enjoy.



For the most comprehensive guide to viewing the yearly blooms, we turn to the Shanghai Park Management Center to point us in the right direction for the best viewing spots in 2019.



Minhang Cultural Park


Strolling through Minhang Cultural Park’s 20,000 square meters, you’ll see magnolias all over the place but mainly concentrated around the walking paths and the central square.



Shanghai Botanical Garden


The Shanghai Botanical Garden features a Magnolia Specialized Garden that was built in 1988 and renovated in 2016 that covers 1.15 hectares. Don’t overlook the magnolia-shaped landscape pavilion that serves as a viewing area.



Century Park


Century Park is where you’ll find a special 6,200 square meter section set aside especially for the yearly blossoming of nearly 300 magnolia plants.



In addition to the parks mentioned above, the Shanghai Park Management Center also recommends Xinzhuang Park, People’s Park, Xujiahui Park, Magnolia Park, Fuxing Park, Yangpu Park, Zhongshan Park, Nanyuan Park, Shanghai Zoo, Grand View Garden, Gucun Park, Zhabei Park, Changfeng Park, Guhua Garden, Hui Garden — basically, magnolias are blooming all over Shanghai.



The magnolia is the city flower of Shanghai, decided by vote in April of 1983 and ratified in 1986 by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress. The flower symbolizes a pioneering spirit and overcoming struggle.


The time period for viewing magnolias in bloom is short, so don’t miss your chance to see them otherwise you’ll have to wait until this time next year.




Editor: Lily

Intern: Emma