Where’s The Optimal Autumn Experience?

It’s sweater weather! Break out your favorite jumpers, cardigans, hoodies, and fleeces. It’s time to get comfy, and give the street sweepers a little break. They are diligent in their duties, and for most of the year we are appreciative, but come autumn, it’s nice to have some of the leaves around for the real fall feeling.



The government began a program in 2013 to leave the leaves untouched on 29 streets so people can enjoy the fallen foliage. Here are eight of the most picturesque streets for you to stroll down as you achieve the autumnal triumvirate: sweaters, leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes!



We hope this helps! And may all your Instagrams be sufficiently rustic!


Editor: Zoey Zou

Camera: Zoey Zou