White Collars Light Up Night Economy

Like moths to candle, music, beer, and food seem to be the keys to attracting Shanghai’s white-collar workers to come out after dark to relax, and spend. With malls normally close at 10:00 at night, extended trading hours are encouraging crowds to stay out longer. Add to that a beer festival, and it seems you have a magic formula, which is exactly what they have done in Daning Life Hub. According to Qian Yuan, Media Director for Daning Life Hub – the recipe works very well. By extending opening hours, sales in the Daning Life Hub area have seen double-digit growth, with the move proving especially popular with young white-collar office workers who often work late and find many restaurants have already closed. The change in retail and restaurant closing hours is a great plus for the young, over-stressed work-force that now has a chance to get together with friends after a long day in the office for dinner and a drink, and maybe a little shopping as well. With nighttime shopping currently accounting for only 20% of trade in a 24-hour cycle, this late night trend is quickly catching on around town as many areas are finding it a boon to their local economies. The biggest beneficiaries of the new night economy are restaurants, bars, fast food and desert eateries.



Source: Money Talks, ICS