Why Jack Ma Will Devote More Of His Time To Education

Chinese business tycoon Jack Ma announced that he will hand over Alibaba’s chairmanship next year and he will devote most of his time to education. Why does the former English teacher want to back to the education sector?


After failing his national college entrance exam twice, Jack Ma finally enrolled at Hangzhou Normal University in 1984.


After four years of hard work, he graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree.  Many say this  is where he planted the seed of being a teacher.


Jack Ma spends 6 years teaching both English and international trade at Hangzhou Dianzi University. /CGTN photo


Jack Ma, Co-founder of Alibaba Group, said after his graduation was only one from 500 graduates to teach at the university, the rest went to teach at middle schools.


He made very little at that job – only about 15 US dollars per month. But during the lecturing process, he gradually enjoyed teaching and became very popular with students.


Jack Ma reflects on these times as the happiest years of his life. /CGTN photo


Jin Hui, a teacher from Hangzhou Normal University told CGTN that his dream was to be a teacher, but she didn’t expect him to really do it.  Entrepreneurs often don’t do what they say, she said, but when he does it with practical actions, she admires and respects him a lot.


Jack Ma has proven that he is a talented leader and a successful entrepreneur. Under his leadership, Alibaba has grown from an e-commerce marketplace into a tech giant. Over the past few years, he also launched several rural education programs to support and fund rural teachers and students.



Jack Ma once said: No matter if you are a teacher, or you are in the education sector, we all pursue our dreams. We believe that education is the most important path to realize human beings’ dreams.


He said that education has influenced his whole life, and he wants to devote more of his time and wealth to helping more young people, passing on the hope and confidence they need to discover their brightest potential.


Source: CGTN