Why Public Art Matters

Organized by Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts and Institution of Public Art, the 4th International Award for Public Art (IAPA) Ceremony and Forum was held at the Shanghai University on October 21.



The IAPA has become a symbol of excellence in public art. It promotes best practices for public art projects, advocates originality and motivates the new generation of artists to think distinctively. It brings to the forefront, projects by artists from around the world that have transformed the quality of life in their communities and have encouraged dialogues about culture, spirituality, innovation and so on.



A total of 133 public artworks were evaluated in the competition this year. Artists from several regions sent in their entries including East Asia, Oceania, Central and Western South Asia, Eurasia, Africa, Latin America, and North America. 35 shortlisted cases were selected and 7 outstanding submissions were honored.


Here is a look at the 7 selected projects.


Barrangal Dyara

Artist: Jonathan Jones

Location: Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney, Australia.

Media/Type: Installation



Wind Phone

Artist: Itaru Sasaki

Location: On the hilltop of a private garden in the town of Otsuchi in Iwate Prefecture, Japan.

Media/Type: Installation



Mera Karachi Mobile Cinema

Artist: The Tentative Collective

Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Media/Type: Participatory and performance based event



Biodiversity Tower

Artist: Angelo Vermeulen

Location: Willebroek, Belgium

Media/Type: Installation/ Sculpture




Artist: El Seed

Location: Manshiyat Nasr, Cairo

Media/Type: Large Scale Mural



Sumando Ausencias

Artist: Doris Salcedo

Location: La Plaza Bolívar in Bogotá, Colombia

Media/Type: Ashes on white fabric in memory of war victims.



Hotel Empire: The New York Crossing

Artist: Laurent Boijeot and Sébastien Renauld

Location: On Broadway in New York City, USA

Media/Type: Action/Performance



Source: IPA

Editor: Bonnie Lu