World Music Festival Makes Bridges and Crosses Boundaries in China

This year’s World Music Asia Festival is coming to China where it will be held across 4 cities, bringing an 18-day musical experience that includes 62 performances from 30 bands coming from 22 countries and regions. Among them is Deep Forest, a French group that won the Emmy Award for best World Music Album in 1995 and Spanish performer Anna Asadi as well as a Chinese children’s group whose performers are all under the age of 10 years.


The founder of the festival, Yang Guanglei, says this year’s festival will focus on traditional folk music to promote traditional Chinese culture to the world, but by attracting overseas artists, Yang hopes to also create a new style of cross-boundary music. The hope of Chen Chun, a festival organizer, is to bring artists and audiences closer together.


The festival runs from September 7th to the 24th, and in Shanghai can be experienced in Xintiandi, Huangpo and a number of other locations with ticket prices ranging from 80 – 100 Yuan.


Video Source: Shanghai Live