Woven Through Culture and Art

When it comes to embroidery, people hardly connect man to this fine traditional Chinese art. But Fu Jian is an exception.



While many would assume that Master Embroiderer is a title to be held by a woman, Fu Jian is a man who will surprise you.




Born in 1987 in Yangzhou, Fu Jian practiced Suzhou embroidery for almost 20 years and has since turned this passion into a career. Exhibiting and selling his works of art with skills he’s honed since childhood, many people in his life were surprised that he didn’t choose a stable job in a big company.




However Fu Jian worries for the future of this time-honored art. It takes a long time to master embroidery, and he hopes that there will be a resurgence in popularity among China’s youth who want to preserve this cultural heritage.




Editor: Yolanda

Cameraman: Cheng Yilin