Xi Encourages U.S. Students To Promote Bilateral Friendship

“I hope you will make the best of your time, study hard and contribute your part to a deeper friendship between the people of our two countries,” Chinese President Xi Jinping wrote in a reply letter to students at Niles North High School (NNHS), a public four-year high school located in Illinois in the United States.


Over 40 students studying Mandarin at the school had penned a letter to Xi and asked the Chinese president about his job, his favorite foods and hobbies, and opinions of America.


The students expressed their interest in Chinese language, music, and food, and said they wanted to visit China one day.



“You are the future of China-U.S. friendship, and welcome to China,” Xi wrote, noting that his job is to serve the people.


“I keep a deep interest in philosophy, history, literature, culture, music, and sports,” Xi wrote in the letter. “I acquired many of these interests back in middle school and they have stayed with me until today.”


The Chinese president wrote that he visited the U.S. many times and is impressed with the beautiful landscape, hospitable people and diverse culture.


Receiving Xi’s reply to their letter, students were excited and encouraged.


They said they believed that Xi’s letter will encourage more U.S. students to learn Chinese language, understand China and make contributions to the friendship between the two countries.


The NNHS opened in 1964 and currently has over 2,000 students. It introduced Chinese courses in 2008 and pays high attention to international communication and foreign languages learning.


Source: CGTN