Xi: Patriotism Is The Core Essence Of May Fourth Movement Spirit

The ceremony marking the centenary of the May Fourth Movement has begun at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.


Chinese President Xi Jinping is in attendance and is now delivering a keynote speech during the ceremony.


Here are some highlights from President Xi’s speech.


The turning point of Chinese history


The May Fourth Movement was an anti-imperialism and anti-feudalism revolution and it promoted the spreading of Marxism in China, marking a turning point in contemporary Chinese history.


Patriotism is the core of May Fourth Movement sprit


“Today we gather together to commemorate patriotism and to draw lessons and wisdom from history,” Xi said.


The spirits of May Fourth Movement include patriotism, progress, democracy and science with patriotism as its core, Xi said, adding that patriotism is also the Chinese national spirit that bonds the nation together.


The patriotic and anti-imperialist “May Fourth Movement” began on May 4, 1919, when a group of Chinese students protested the weak diplomatic response of the then Chinese government to the Treaty of Versailles, marking the beginning of China’s new democratic revolution.


Source: CGTN