Yangpu Tells Its Special Stories With 4 Theme Tours

Every place has its own special story, and every story reflects the unique characteristics of its own place. In the Yangpu District of Shanghai there are now four specially designed micro-theme tours to help visitors realize the historical charms of this area and get a better feeling for the recent technical, cultural and creative developments that have taken place there.


1. Red History Theme Tour


In Yangpu, there are nine red tourist attractions such as the Yangpu Court Museum in Shanghai, the Yangpu Public Security Exhibition Hall, and the Shanghai Printing Museum. If you take the tour based on this theme you will quickly understand Shanghai’s modern history.




2. Colleges Tour


Fudan University, Tongji University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Shanghai Polytechnic University are all universities with a 100 years of history, and they are all in Yangpu. Visit these centuries-old universities and their historical buildings and learn about the treasures of knowledge contained in them.



3. Industrial Site Theme Tour


There are sixteen old buildings in Yangpu’s century-old industrial area and they are mainly all located along the 5.5 km coastline of Yangpu River, which is the birthplace of modern Chinese industry. The tour includes Shanghai’s first water plant, its first power plant and the first gas plant in China.




4. Centennial Municipal Site Theme Tour


There are also 7 socially important historical buildings in the Yangpu Jiangwan historical area. For example, the Jiangwan Stadium was once the largest stadium in East Asia, representing a special period of history and an era.



YangPu Library, is a large and magnificent building with a shape similar to Beijing Bell Tower with a yellow glazed tile roof. It is called the “Little Palace Museum” by Shanghai residents.



Moreover, Yangpu has also added some new libraries and bookstores recently, so if you’re looking for a good place to relax and read, don’t miss the Tongji Bookstroe or the Zhida Bookstore.






If you are interested in the buildings and you want to know more about the stories behind them, just go there and find the QR code; scan and you can can listen to the guide explain the unique history as you walk along. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go to the tour!



Source From 上海发布