Yangtze River Bridge To Give Priority To Passenger Vehicles During Holidays

Trucks with yellow plates will be restricted from using the G40 Expressway in Shanghai during some holidays, Shanghai police announced on Tuesday.


The measure aims at relieve congestion and prevent major accidents during traffic peaks during holidays on the expressway, which is a major passage between urban Shanghai, Chongming Island and Jiangsu Province.


Such trucks will be banned from using the expressway within Shanghai during the Qingming Festival and Labor Day holidays, as well as the first and last two days of the National Day holiday, from 6am to 8pm.


Trucks that transport fresh produce and those serving the public interest, such as accident and disaster relief and oil delivery for gas stations, will be allowed on the expressway, police said.


The measure to be taken in Shanghai is aligned with that which has been in force in neighboring Jiangsu Province for some years.


Partly because of similar restrictions on the No.2 Yangtze River Bridge in Nanjing, Jiangyin Bridge and Sutong Bridge, the number of trucks using the Yangtze River Bridge and Tunnel on the G40 Expressway in Shanghai has been increasing in recent years.


It takes longer to deal with traffic accidents involving yellow-plate trucks, which are larger trucks.


In Shanghai, truck drivers who ignore the ban will be fined 200 yuan (US$30) with three points deducted from their driving license, and in Jiangsu, they will be fined 100 yuan with the same amount of points deducted.


Source: SHINE