Yangtze River Delta To See 75 Million Train Travelers For Spring Festival

About 75 million people around the Yangtze River Delta will take trains home or on holiday during the Spring Festival travel rush of 2019, 3.1 million more than last year, China Railway have announced.


The travel rush will last from January 21 to March 1. In order to facilitate the passengers, 251 extra trains have been scheduled.


China Railway said before the Spring Festival, which falls on February 5, large passenger flows will hit railway lines going to southwest China’s Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou.


Meanwhile, as most students won’t go back to school until after the Lantern Festival, the last few days of the travel rush will be extra busy.


The Shanghai branch of China Rail will add 251 temporary trains during the period to help facilitate more passengers.


Source: SHINE