Yann Bozec: Making The City More Vibrant Through Retail

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, ShanghaiEye honorably presents the series named “Magnolias Blossoming From 40 Years Of Reform And Opening-up”, starting Dec. 15, 2018.


Yann Bozec loves his job and his new home. How could he not? He can take his daughter to school and be at work just a few minutes later. Shanghai affords him a very comfortable lifestyle. But he didn’t win a Magnolia Award, one of the most prestigious designations given out to foreigners in Shanghai, simply because he is fitting in well.



In his role as President and CEO of Coach China, he has helped the city come closer to its goal of becoming an international shopping mecca. His commitment to providing the best retail experience possible has inspired everyone around him, from his colleagues, to his competitors.



We wish him well, and hope that he continues to encourage others to make Shanghai the best city possible!


Editor: Bonnie Lu