Young People Lagging Behind In Physical Exercise

Over 42 percent of Shanghai citizens exercise regularly, with speed walking and running topping the list of the most popular physical activities.


A survey by the sports bureau showed that 42.7 percent of all citizens took part in sports or physical exercised at least three times a week for half an hour each time in 2017, but the number dropped to only a quarter for those aged between 19 and 29.


The survey showed that speed walking and running were the most popular ways of keeping fit, followed by cycling, badminton, swimming, going to the gym, dancing and football.


With new venues and facilities, the average space available for sports increased to 1.96 square meters per capita from 1.83 in 2016, though Shanghai is still far behind places like Beijing (2.25 square meters) and provinces like Jiangsu and Guangdong.


There are over 470 public ball game courts and 630 walking and running tracks around the city, as well as 35 public swimming pools and 167 gyms.


The number of social and neighborhood fitness clubs and organizations also saw a rise. An average of 20.5 clubs or organizations serve every 10,000 citizens, the survey said.


Cost for sportswear, court rental and competition tickets remain the main sports-related expenditure among Shanghai citizens, though the bureau noticed an increase of spending on training and private courses, as well as sports rehabilitation.


The bureau’s report pointed out that there is still room for improvement regarding Shanghai citizen’s awareness and knowledge of scientific fitness, or working out correctly and safely. Shanghai Sports Bureau director Xu Bin said in previous interviews that neighborhood trainers play a crucial role in the promotion of scientific fitness.


“It’s only when citizens have acquired certain knowledge and are taught how to do exercises correctly that they can avoid injury and improve their health condition in a scientific way,” said Xu.


The bureau’s survey showed among the 56,670 social sports trainers in Shanghai, who are mostly based in neighborhood sports centers and gyms, about 56 percent are active in providing fitness instruction to citizens.


Source: SHINE