Your Guide To Maximum Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom season in Shanghai is coming. Are you still worried about where to see cherry blossoms? This year, you can see beautiful cherry blossoms in Hongkou District, Jing’an District and Huangpu District for free! Let’s take a look at these unknown cherry blossom holy places!



Hongkou District


The cherry blossom trail in No.2 North Zhongshan Road in Hongkou District was basically completed last year. The cherry blossom trail was built in conjunction with the first greenway in Hongkou District. People who like cherry blossoms can enjoy the flowers for a while.



The scenery near the Siping Road and Wuhua Road is also a good place to take pictures when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.



On the newly built road of the International Passenger Transport Center Station on the 12th line of the railroad on the North Bund, the cherry trees are neatly planted next to the road.



Jing’an District


If you are a park enthusiast, then from late March to early April, when you go to Daning Park (No.288, West Guangzhong Road) and Sculpture Park (No.500, West Beijing Road) in Jing’an District, you will definitely be impressed by the cherry blossom scenery here.



In addition, Jing’an District also has East Yonghe Road, Square Park, Jing’an Central Park, namely East Wenshui Road (Middle Ring Road) and Gonghe New Road Carousel Intersection and Qinghai Road Green Space (West Nanjing Road, Qinghai Road) where you can enjoy cherry blossoms in these places.



Huangpu District


Last but not least, Huangpu District! Around Yanzhong Greenland, there is a cherry blossom road of about 50 meters. The bus stop under the Nanpu Bridge attracts many citizens when the cherry blossoms are blooming. It is also known as ” the most beautiful bus station in Shanghai”. The Huangpu Riverside, Fuxing Park and the Daji Road green space are also very beautiful flower viewing places.



Source: Shanghai Fa Bu

Editor: Dong Yihua (Intern)