Yuyuan Mall Mid-Autumn Festivities

The moon is making a visit to Shanghai!



This heavenly body is at the Yuyuan Mall Mid-autumn Cultural Festival, which kicked off on September 7th will last until September 21st. It is the first time Yuyuan Mall has a festival of this kind, aiming at becoming a Shanghai signature.



Besides the lighting festival, which is part of Shanghai’s intangible cultural heritage, there are many other activities taking place. You can also see performers in traditional Chinese costumes dancing and making sacrifices to the moon, which is an ancient mid-autumn ceremony.



With innovative lighting elements, this is the perfect chance to witness a mix of modern technology and traditional cultural elements!



Yuyuan Mall Mid-autumn Festivities

Date:Sep 7-21

Venue: Shanghai Yuyuan Mall (Yu Garden)



Source: Shanghai Huangpu

Editor: Bonnie Lu